Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

Flexographic Printer High Precision Thin Film Forming Equipment

This equipment forms thin film.
Applying the PI alignemnt film, the insulating film, the adhesive, etc. by flexo printing technique.


Features and Intended Use

Model IP series, IN series S series and etc.
Intended Use Printing of alignment film, overcoating and other materials.

According to the printing conditions, the printing method can be selected.

IP series "Perform APR wetting and printing simultaneously." or "Perform printing after APR wetting (separating the APR wetting and the printing)." One of the above can be selected.

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Printing method Gravure roll + flexographic printing
Printing method size 100 x 100 to 1100 x 1300mm
APR wetting method Quantitative supply method by anilox roll
Drive method Stage drive
Drive transmission method 1: Direct connection between printing roll gear and printing stage rack gear
Drive transmission method 2: Electrical synchronous operation by servo motor
Plate cylinder Iron based material / plating
Runout of plate cylinder Within 20 µ
Relief printing plate (APR plate) Mechanical fixation
Intaglio plate (Anilox) roll Iron based material / hard Cr plating or ceramic
Doctor blade PET back-up blades SUS420
Ink supply system Pumping dispenser system
Stage Iron based material, plating, fluorine coating / ceramic
Substrate alignment Auto alignment by image processing or adjustable pin alignment
Prebaking Proxy pin method (Special heat insulating material is used in the pins.)


Please feel free contact us regarding to the printing pressure, the control method of nip pressure, other driving method and etc.


We have various anilox rolls for testing.