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PREMATEC Technical Strength

While market competition intensifies, PREMATEC, places great emphasis on "core technology strategies" that will establish optimal technology, product strategies and organization management systems.
Since founding in 1951, we provide a high quality service in the development and production of various manufacturing equipments with a production system that consistently performs designing, parts processing, assembling and local response.

in-house consistency production system

  • Designing
  • Processing
  • Assembling
  • Local Resonse

By applying to various products, core technology has been trained, and technical knowledge has been accumulated as knowledge of engineers. By developing equipment for 60 years, many engineers experience trial and error in technology and equipment development. As a company, knowledge to form core technology has increased and has evolved qualitatively.
Currently, the rubbing machines provided by PREMATEC are indispensable for manufacturing tablets and liquid crystal displays, which are required for clear image quality, and monopolizes more than 80% of the global market share.
While improving and deepening the current technology, several new technologies have been added. Through such processes, company-specific organizational capabilities have been built for specific technologies. The systematic knowledge accumulated and built like this is the "core technology" of PREMATEC recognized worldwide.

Deepening and evolving of PREMATEC "core technology"

  • Development of various products one after another
  • Accumulation of know-how and technology
  • To wider & deeper core technology
  • To world share 80% "Rubbing Machine"

Element technology of PREMATEC

As market competition intensifies, we are aiming to develop total solution business as a core technology strategy to build optimal technology, product strategy and organization management structure, based on five element technologies [Rubbing] [Coating] [Transferring] [Laminating] [Coordinating].


  1. Feature


    Rubbing uniformly
    • Processed the roller of deflection amount less than 10µm by our "reverse crown processing” method.
    • Detect the frictional force at the time of "rubbing" as a torque value, and perform automatic correction so that it becomes constant torque value.
  2. Feature


    Rubbing a large work
    • By adopting specially processed casting stage base, minimize deformation even in large stage.
    • Grinding the stage flatness to 20 µm or less with a super large-sized polishing machine corresponding to 3,000 mm x 6,000 mm.
  3. Feature


    Rubbing at any arbitrary angle
    • The angle of the roller and the stage can be set in units of 0.1 °.
    • Super-large rotating stage of 2,550 mm x 2,550 mm (total weight 2,500 kg) was manufactured.
Adoption example of our technology
Adopted process Liquid crystal display manufacturing process
Equipment name Rubbing machine (RL series)
Equipment overview By "rubbing" the polyimide film with a roller around which puff material is wrapped, process grooves to align liquid crystal molecules in a fixed direction.
Equipment specification
Maximum roller size φ140mmx4,000mmL
Maximum roller rotation speed 2,000rpm
Setting range of roller angle ±47°
Resolution of roller pushing amount 0.001mm
Maximum dimension of stage 2,550mm x 2,550mm
Maximum moving speed of stage 1,000mm/sec
Gap accuracy between stage and roller ±0.005mm
Countermeasure against static electricity Humidifier, Soft X-ray, Ionizer


  1. Feature


    Arbitrary pattern coating
    • In the flexo printing method, it is possible to coat an arbitrary pattern by changing the design of the plate.
    • Coating the thin film (polyimide film) of 0.00007 mm with in-plane distribution ±5%.
  2. Feature


    Whole pattern coating
    • In the slit coating method, it is possible to coat the whole surface pattern by changing the length of the slit die.
    • Coating high viscosity material (UV precuring material) with 150,000 cps at film thickness of 100 µm.
  3. Feature


    Line pattern and point coating
    • In the dispensing method, it is possible to coat arbitrary line pattern and point coating by program change.
    • It is possible to select air pressurization method or mechanical method according to intended use and material viscosity.
Adoption example of our technology
Adopted process Assembly process of display products
Equipment name Slit coater (SC series)
Equipment overview By "coating" the optical clear adhesive with slit die, preprocessing for laminating the cover glass and the display is performed.
Equipment specification
Maximum dimension of slit die 1,000mm
Specification of slit die Stainless steel (internal polishing)
Coating method Stage moving type, head moving type
Speed range of stage From 5 to 600 mm / sec
Changing of coating width Replacing the shim plate
Range of coating thickness From 0.1 to 0.8 mm
Corresponding range of material stickiness MAX.150,000cps
Material pressurization method Air pressurization, mechanical pump


  1. Feature


    Transferring by conveyor
    • Transferring of 0.12 mm thin film and 2,200 mm × 2,500 mm large glass was succeeded.
    • High accuracy alignment function with CCD camera, corresponding to rotation mechanism to arbitrary angle.
  2. Feature


    Transferring by stage
    • Flat stage with flatness of 20 µm and pin stage effective for countermeasures against static electricity are available.
    • Corresponding to high accuracy transferring with pitching accuracy ± 0.05 ° and yawing accuracy ± 0.02 °.
  3. Feature


    Transferring by SCARA
    • Designing and manufacturing of SCARA transferring are possible according to limited design range and weight capacity.
    • Production of transferring system corresponding to upper communication system with SCARA robot.
Adoption example of our technology
Adopted process Liquid crystal display manufacturing process
Equipment name Transfer system for Photo Alignment Machine (PA Series)
Equipment overview By "transferring" work stably and high accurately under the ultraviolet irradiation equipment,alignment processing is performed to align liquid crystal molecules unidirectionally.
Equipment specification
Corresponding work size 2,200mm x 2,500mm
Equipment type Single transfer, twin transfer, seamless transfer
Stage method Flat stage, pin stage
Stage drive method Linear motor
Maximum stage moving speed 1,000mm/sec
Rotation angle of stage ±15°
Yawing accuracy of stage ±0.2°
Work positioning function Equipped automatic alignment with CCD camera


  1. Feature


    Lamination in atmosphere
    • Lamination in the atmosphere without babbles is possible by stage inversion method or roller method.
    • Lamination is possible to a wide range of products such as glass, film, display and etc.
  2. Feature


    Lamination in vacuum
    • Lamination by position control or torque control is possible under vacuum of 0.4 Pa.
    • Achieved ± 5 µm or less alignment accuracy of upper and lower work using CCD camera even in vacuum.
  3. Feature


    Lamination of large work
    • Production results of mass production automated line laminating special lens on 65 inch display with adhesive coating, high precision alignment, bonding function by large vacuum chamber.
Adoption example of our technology
Adopted process Assembling process of display products
Equipment name Lamination Machine (KAR10)
Equipment overview By coating UV curing type transparent adhesive and "laminate" work in the atmospheric or in the vacuum, cover glass and touch panel can be laminated on the display without babbles.
Equipment specification
Corresponding work size From 7 to 10 inches
Corresponding work type Liquid crystal display + touch panel / cover glass
Lamination environment Selectable in air or vacuum
Vacuum degree of chamber 10Pa
Adhesive coating method Slit coating
Adhesive curing method Built-in UV irradiation function (temporary fixation)
Work thickness correction The thickness is measured, and automatic correction based on the data
Loader / Unloader Additional installation possible
* Option


  1. Feature


    Coordinating processes
    • Since various test facilities and measuring instrument are equipped in our factory, process verification is possible in advance.
    • Proposing technology and equipment to realize optimal process based on verification result.
  2. Feature


    Coodinating a line
    • We can provide as a line not only process facilities but also related machines, transfer machine and etc.
    • Considering tact time and productivity, we can propose optimum layout with no waste.
  3. Feature


    Coordinating with alliances
    • We can provide line and process throughout the factory in cooperation with alliance companies.
    • We can reduce your burden by coordinating alliance companies.
Adopted example of our technology 1
Adopted process Liquid crystal display manufacturing process
Equipment name Cell process line
Equipment overview Patterning, forming the alignment film, lamination line
Adoption example of our technology 2
Adopted examples Touch panel manufacturing process
Equipment name Patterning line
Equipment overview Patterning line of ITO film and metal film