Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

Rubbing Machine

This equipment perform rubbing the alignment film in a certain direction in order to align liquid crystal molecules.

Features and Intended Use

This equipment corresponds from TN to FFS (IPS), also corresponds to the size of G10.5. High accuracy GAP of roller and stage, well-balanced high accuracy roller, stable traveling accuracy.

Model RLA · RLB · RLD · RLF series
Use application Alignment processing of liquid crystal alignment film

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Rubbing method Stage driven rotating rubbing system  Single roller type / Double roller type
Stage speed Stage speed
Stage material Fluorine coating or ceramics
Stage driving method Ball screw or linear motor
Roller rotation speed 1 to 2,000 (3,000) rpm
Roller material Aℓ or Aℓ / CFRP composite material
Roller angle -47 degrees to + 47 degrees
Gap accuracy of roller and stage ± 40 µm (G 8)
Static electricity control Photo ionizer / Ionizer / Humidification / Slant substrate peeling / Others
Other (option) * Please feel free contact us the following optional equipment as well. Eccentric measuring equipment, Cloth attaching equipment, Automatic roller exchange equipment, Roller stocker, Roller wagon, and etc.