Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

US Cleaner

This equipment cleans foreign matters adfered to FPD and etc. using ultrasonic air without contact.

Features and Intended Use

1.6 µm particle can be removed 100% by dry cleaner. As it is dry cleaning method, no need water, chemicals and etc. Cleaning on one side or both sides can be selected.

Model USC, USH series
Intended Use Production of LCD, OLED and Solar panels

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Stage size Correspond to up to 10th generation
Stage material Correspond to various materials (ceramic)
Thrust up pin material Correspond to various materials
Thrust up pin drive method Pulse motor of cam mechanism
Thrust up stroke From 50 mm to 105 mm (fixed)
Vacuum pad Φ 15 mm made by VITON
Stage drive Ball screw + AC servo motor
Stage speed From 5 to 600 mm / sec
Setting method Digital setting in operation panel
Cleaner head Selectable
Head width Effective length + α
Substrate thickness measurement Installed
VCR Option
Alignment mechanism Option
Static electricity measure Option