Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

ODF Machine

Coating seal materials and dropping liquid crystal on one substrate, and superimposes two sheets of substrate in vacuum by predetermined gap.

Features and Intended Use

After setting the substrate, it is possible to perform dropping of liquid crystal, coating of UV curing resin, alignment, lamination in vacuum, and temporary curing by UV irradiation automatically.

Model ODF series
Intended Use LCD prototype (best for Lab)

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Equipment size 1600 mm (D) x 1200 mm (W) x 2200 mm (H)
Corresponding substrate size 40 mm x 30 mm to 250 mm x 200 mm from 0.4 to 5 t
Processing capability From 3 to 5 minutes
Substrate fixation Combination of vacuum adsorption and adhesive sheet
Stage material For lower substrate: aluminum, for upper substrate: glass
Alignment method Automatic alignment by CCD camera (manual alignment is also possible)
Alignment stage Traveling amount X = ± 3 mm Y = ± 3 mm θ = ± 3 °, corresponding to vacuum
Lamination accuracy ± 2µ
Liquid crystal dropping amount 1 to 5 µl (1 point), hundreds of drops is possible at any pitch.
Liquid crystal supply method Supplied by syringe
UV curing resin supply system Supplied by syringe
Ultimate vacuum degree Under 1 Pa (can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 50 Pa)
UV precuring With dispenser for UV curing resin and UV irradiation unit.


* Specifications are different depend on the substrate size. Please feel free contact us for the details.