Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

Pressure Sealing Machine

This equipment perform coating the ultraviolet curing resin into the injection hole of LCD after liquid crystal injection, and cure it.

Features and Intended Use

Corresponding to a wide range of specifications, from manual coating by operator to automatic coating by image processing.

Model FS series
Intended Use Sealing of liquid crystal injection hole

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Coating method Automatic coating by dispenser or manual coating by operator
Curing method Ultraviolet (UV) curing
UV lamp Metal halide lamp from 3 kw to 6 kw
Processable substrate size Single plate MAX 15 ", strip (depens on customer's request)
Work set Corresponding to strip shape, single plate shape with special jig
Pressurizing method Substrate pressurization by press unit
Pressure control Pressure control by load cell
UV irradiation Whole surface irradiation by timer control
Dispenser unit XYZ automatic control by AC servo drive (in case of automatic coating)
Image processing Corresponding to coating position detection by image processing