Product Introduction

Cleaning Equipment, Research and Development Equipment for General Industry

Multi-tank Cleaning Equipment

This machine cleans HDD substrate and optical lenses by batch method.

Features and Intended Use

Select the optimum cleaning method depends on the particles.

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Equipment overview This machine stores the cassette with glass lens into dedicated exterior box and transfers it, and cleaning, rinsing and drying are performed automatically.
Body dimensions Approximately 5,400 mm (L) x 1,300 mm (W) x 2,060 mm (H)
Body weight Approximately 3500 kg (dry weight), except C / V class
Transfer method Entrance C / V (shuttle transfer) Cleaning machine main body (hold run + beam transfer) Exit C / V (shuttle transfer)
Path line Entrance input 725mm In-machine transfer 1175mm Exit take-out 725mm
Processing tact Standard approximately 150 sec (cleaning 120 sec + transferring 30 sec)
Start preparation time Approximately 60 minutes (heating time)


* Specifications are different depend on the substrate size. Please feel free to contact us for the details.