Product Introduction

Cleaning Equipment, Research and Development Equipment for General Industry

Vacuum Deposition Equipment

Resistance heating type, vacuum deposition equipment

Features and Intended Use

Optimal compact size for lab use. Vapor deposition of metals and metal oxides are possible.

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Inside dimension of chamber W300 x D300 x H400 (mm)
Ultimate vacuum From atmospheric pressure to 4Pa order, approximately 30 minutes. (criterion in case of gold vapor deposition)
With crystal transmission type, film thickness monitor Equipped rotation mechanism of substrate holder with speed adjustment function.
Shutter Installed in deposition source and substrate holder part.
Vacuum pump Rotary pump + Diffuser pump
Vacuum gauge Pirani vacuum gauge + Broadband ionization vacuum gauge
Control method Programmable sequencer
Equipment size W800 x D770 x H1510 (mm) / standard
Weight Approximately 180 kg
Power supply AC 200 V 3 phase 50 Hz / 60 Hz 30 A
Compressed air From 0.6 Mpa to 1 Mpa  50L/min or more
Compressed nitrogen From 0.3 MPa to 0.7 Mpa  30 L / min
Cooling water 3L/MIN (20 degrees)  Differencial pressure 0.2 Mpa is required.


* Specifications are different depend on the substrate size. Please feel free contact us for the details.