Product Introduction

Bonding Machine

Bonding Machine

A machine for mass production performing a series of processes: dispensing, UV irradiation and ambient lamination. Available for Optical Bonding for automotive.

Features and Intended Use

Model KAR12
Use application Mass Production

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Dimensions 4,050㎜×4,300㎜×2,350㎜  Excluding incidental equipments
Applicable workpiece size MAX. 12inch
Loading method of workpiece Manual loading by the operator to the loader station
Applicaion method Dispensing, Fluid material feeding by mechanical pump
UV irradiation LED surface light source
Lamination method Upper stage (flip-turn type)  Ambient lamination
Positioning method Positioning Criteria: Workpiece outline when loading, Camera alignment when laminating
Transfer system inside machine SCARA Robot
Switching types By changing fixtures
Material supply method Pressurized tank (20L x 2unit) Degassing by agitation, remaining amount detection is attached
Tact time 70sec (depending on process conditions)
Other accessory functions Type identification sensor, detection sensor of workpiece inclination & thickness, heating stage and stocker(3 positions)

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