Product Introduction

Bonding Machine

Bonding Machine

A machine to laminate in ambient pressure and dispense dam and fill.

Features and Intended Use

Model KAR06
Use Application Mass Production

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Dimensions 1,620㎜×1,270㎜×1,900㎜ Approx.1,000㎏
Applicable workpiece size MAX. 7inch
Loading method of workpiece Manual loading by the operator
Applicaion method Dispensing, Fluid material feeding by air, Dam-and-Fill supplied by separate drives
Lamination Method Upper stage(flip-turn type) Ambient lamination (2 positions)
UV irradiation Equipped with UV LED 4-head spotlight for dam and 2-head spotlight after lamination
Material Supply method Syringe
Positioning method Positioning Criteria: Workpiece outline when loading, Camera alignment when laminating
Tact Time 40sec (7inch)

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