Product Introduction

Bonding Machine

Bonding Machine

A machine performing a series of processes from dispensing to ambient lamination.

Features and Intended Use

Model KAR02-2
Use application Small volume production to mass production

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Dimension 1,700㎜×1,210㎜×1,850㎜ Approx.550㎏
Applicable workpiece size MAX. 250mm×330㎜
Applicable workpiece thickness MAX. 10mm (after lamination)
Loading method of workpiece Manual loading by the operator
Applicaion method Dispensing, Fluid material feeding by compressed air
Lamination method Upper stage(flip-turn type)
UV irradiation LED 4-head spotlight for temporary fixation
Material supply method Pressurized tank (2L x 2unit), remaining amount detection is attached
Positioning method Positioning Criteria: Outline of workpiece