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Slit Coater for Curved Surface

  • Possible to coat flexibly to concave / convex surface, as well as flat surface.
  • The stage transfers the workpieces. And the slit die can rotate to any angle corresponding to the shape of the workpiece.



Optimized slit die

  • Design considered maintenance
  • Optimal degassing design
  • High viscosity resin available
  • Resin leakage prevention structure
  • Optimal internal pressure design
  • Optimal lip design
  • Gap adjustment mechanism

Slit Coater for Curved Surface SC07

Specification items Specifications Remarks
Table size (W)300mm x (D)600mm
Target size From small size to 15inch Flat surface and curved surface (assuming R 500 to R 1000)
Resin coating thickness 50 µm - 800 µm Actual value on flat side
Resin coating thickness accuracy 50µm-100µm: ±10µm
Actual value on flat side
Actual value on flat side
Slit die coating width Maximum width 200 mm Extensible
Slit die movable width Movable range ± 30 ° (corresponding to curved surface R 500)
Workpiece absorption type Vacuum absorption
Available viscosity From 1000 to 150000 mPa/s


Specifications may be changed without notice for improvement.